The way in which we plan for death grieve and remember has changed forever. DeadSocial provides free tools, tutorials, and events to help the general public understand and address death in today's ever changing World.

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Our vision


We are living through the greatest period of change since the industrial revolution. Our end of life wishes, the way we prepare for death, remember the deceased and grieve have recently changed beyond recognition. 

DeadSocial provides the best tools and support resources to help support society deal with these changes. We deliver this by working closely with a range of partners across the charity, healthcare, technology, funeral, hospice and end of life sector. 


Our purpose


The internet and social media has fundamentally changed the way in which we communicate with one another. In a world where our communications are fragmented and leave a trace, we serve the requirements of society when trying to relocate these traces in order to collect and collate them.


Our values


DeadSocial are an independent social enterprise adding value where and when we can. We work closely with a range of charities and not for profit organisations with the same ethos and objective as us.  We provide creative initiatives with a variety of partners. We can also often be found raising awareness around digital end of life planning and our digital legacy. For more information about us click here. To read our most recent news click here.


End of life planning in today's World


 No one knows when their life will end, therefore it is important to prepare for death both physically and digitally for when the time comes.


As a society we are generally very bad at preparing for death in the physical world, mentally and in the digital world. By thinking about and making plans for what we would like to happen towards the end of our lives, once we die and at our funeral we are able to make the logistics easier on ourselves and those who are left behind. By spending a very little amount of time stating and documenting our end of life wishes we can help to significantly reduce the grieving process and heartache caused upon our death.


End of life planning in today's digital World


2,405,518,376 people now use the Internet.  Furthermore 70% of those use the Internet every day (The Cultureist, 2014).


We are living in a period of change, the biggest and most disruptive change for business and society since the industrial revolution. We are the last generation (well some of us at least) to know a world without the internet. The way we communicate, interact, save memories and grieve is increasingly moving online.


For those of us who use the internet of a regular basis making plans and giving directions as to what should happen to our online profiles etc should be stated. Both government and industry leaders agree that writing a social media will is important for many of us alive today.


The changing face of rememberence & grieving


If someone you care about dies how important is it for you to be able to view their social media profile 

Data obtained from DeadSocial's Digital Assets & Digital Legacy Inforgraphic 2016

Creating a Digital Legacy


The actions we take in life ultimately informs how and what we are remembered for in death. This is true both online and offline. However we are able to help highlight certain aspects about our personality as well as stories from our family and personal history to help ensure that they are remembered and passed down.

The video below highlights how our 'social media footprint' will forge our digital legacy once we have gone.



Our goodbye tool 


Our goodbye & legacy builder tool enables us to bring our digital lives to a managed ending. Many of those in our community have 'created personal messages, videos and images' that will only be viewed after their death. This free tool has helded each of them to say goodbye in their own unique way. A video explaining how it works can be viewed below:



*We are currently updating this service. 10,000 new users will be able to join (for free) in mid-2017. Until then please feel free to view our free digital asset and digital legacy tutorials. These can be found by clicking here


Raising awareness


We are committed and passionate about raising awareness around preparing for death in the digital and physical world. Everything we provide on this resource is free and will always be free. We work closely with and support charities, hospices and not for profits organisations.


  • To find out more about DeadSocial and why we exist click here.
  • To learn about our impact in society click here
  • To find out about our tutorials and free resources for healthcare and social care professionals click here


Alternatively some of our free, step-by-step tutorials for the general public can be viewed below.


Preparing for death on social media sites



Downloading your media & data from social networks



Funeral-tech tutorials


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in funerals across the globe. You may find some of our funeral-tech tutorials below of interest.  



End of Life planning tutorials (general)



Offline legacy tutorials



Areas outside of our expertise


We work closely with a range of charities, not for profit and credible organisations. Many of these organisations have kindly contributed to this site and helped us with the work we are carrying out. On most pages we provide links to external sources where further information and support can be attained . All links to external resources have been added on the merit of the organisation and the content that they have provided. We do not take an affiliate fee (make money) from any organisations for directing website traffic to them. We are always looking to improve our service and the tools we provide. If you would like to submit a relevant resource, contribute or help support our work than please feel free to get in touch. 



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