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Planning your funeral is often a hard thing to comprehend especially whilst healthy. However, when someone unexpectedly passes away arranging a funeral in keeping with the deceased's wishes is often made more stressful when things haven't been documented. 


Hoster Tully's funeral in the CBO TV Series 'Game of Thrones' serves as a reminder for the following:

  1. Make sure that your funeral wishes have been written down and given to someone you trust
  2. State what kind of ceremony you would  like (religious, traditional, celebration of life etc)
  3. Document whether you would like to be buried, cremated, other.
  4. State where you would like your final resting place to be.
  5. Clearly articulate any other ceremonial preferences that you may have (such as songs, what people should  wear etc)
  6. If you are an organ donor keep the relevant documentation in a safe place and tell friends where the safe place is.
  7. Choose someone reliable to help and assist with your funeral


Lessons Learnt from a Game of Thrones Funeral (choose someone reliable to help assist with your funeral)



There are a number of great resources that offer more advice to help ensure that you have your funeral wishes met. Although they are (arguably) not as visually engaging as this snippet from Game of Thrones (above) they do offer a lot more guidance:



Game of Thrones Funeral


Digital funeral guides that may be of interest


  • How to create a memorial video from photos using PowerPoint (tutorial)
  • Using iTunes playlists to decide what songs should be played at the deceased's funeral (tutorial)
  • Sending funeral invitations by email (tutorial)
  • How to display photos at a funeral or wake (tutorial)

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