We devised an experiment called ' Capturing the Spirit of Death' . The experiment took inspiration from early Victorian photographers and more recently from the work of Janne Parviainen.


The Inspiration


Along with Natural Death Centre we ran the experiment during the Ideal Death Show 2014. We invited the general public to pose and move quickly when having their photos taken (using long shutter speeds). In doing so creating ghost like images.

The photos were then shared on social media channels. The purpose of the experiment was to be creative using death and technology whilst mimicking and remembering the actions of our ancestors.


The outcome

 Ideal Death Show - Capturing the Spirit of Death-



"One shouldn't take one so seriously' - 'Capturing the Spirit of Death' at the #IdealDeathShow / #bovo2014"

— DeadSocial (@DeadSocial) September 7, 2014


"The Ghost of @Haylebopp past - 'Capturing the Spirit of Death' at #IdealDeathShow / #bovo2014"

— DeadSocial (@DeadSocial) September 7, 2014


"The amazing three headed man - 'Capturing the Spirit of Death' at #IdealDeathShow / #bovo2014"

— DeadSocial (@DeadSocial) September 7, 2014

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