Over the last few years Infographics have become an extremely effective way to tell stories using data. Infographics are (in short) graphical representations of datasets. They are often focused around one or more pieces of data and provide insights into a specific subject matter.


The concept


To build an Infographic installation that lives in a physical space and uses real-time data to change it over time.


Livinfographic concept


The outcome



Their visual and narrative nature have helped make a lot of information more appealing to the general public and (when telling a good story) can appeal to almost every demographic. For Dying Matters Awareness Week we launched and built an art installation called the #LivINFOGRAPHIC (living-Infographic). The LivINFOGRAPHIC lived within a physical space and used data that was being attained to alter it accordingly.


Have you written a will? Dying Matters Awareness Week


The LivINFOGRAPHIC was visited by many during it's lifespan in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Popup Shop' (69 Camden High Street, London). We took data from the ‘Digital Death Survey’ and updated it over the week.  The installation was sat on 3 metres x 2 metres of real turf (grass) and lived and breathed over this period.




The data was attained and then updated (in near real-time). Although the installation has now been dismantled the ‘Digital Death Survey’ was live for four weeks. The results from the data provided can be found here.




This survey asks questions about end of life matters in relation to our online accounts and in today's digitally connected society. The installation’s concept was devised by James Norris (CEO DeadSocial) and was built with the help of the installation and performance artist, Natalie Jackson.

The LivInfographic was just one of many initiatives and events hosted in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Pop-Up shop' for Dying Matters Awareness Week. These included workshops, Death Cafes, live music, poetry, photography and art. Organisations involved ranged from the NHS and The Good Funeral Guide to Save the Male and The Natural Death Centre.


The data attained from the digital death survey 2014 (that altered the 'LivInfographic') can be viewed on our research page

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