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We are always looking to improve our offering based on research and feedback from our community, website visitors and society at large.  If you are running a research project that addressed death and/or digital death we would love to speak to you.


The Digital Death Survey 2015

The findings from thel Digital Death Survey 2015 will be made available in early 2016...Here is a sneak peak.


If someone you care about dies how important is it for you to be able to view their social media accounts


The Digital Death Survey 2014 


"55% of those interviewed had viewed a social media account of a friend or family member after they had died" - Digital Death Survey 2014


In 2014 we ran a survey called the Digital Death Survey 2014’. This allowed us to attain a better understanding of attitudes towards death and bereavement in today’s connected world. The responses can be found below in the 'Digital Death Report 2014'. This data was collected (online only) and during the first week of it's collection updated an interactive installation that lived and breathed during the 'You Only Die Once Art Exhibition'. The installation was called 'The LivInfographic' (the living infographic) and used near-real time data to update it over the week. More information about the LivInfographic installation can be found here


Digital Death Survey 2014 Responses


Below are the collated responses from the Digital Death Survey 2014. 


Digital Death Survey Infographic

To learn more about the 'Livinfographic click here'


The Digital Death Survey 2015


The Digital Death Survey will reexamine society's relationship with death in today's connected World in May 2015. The subsequent 'Digital Death Report' will be published the months that follow.


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