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"DeadSocial helps Facebook and Twitter users prepare items to be posted at specific future dates and can help send (preprepared) messages to loved ones, for example, on their birthdays well into the future" - British Medical Journal

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About DeadSocial's Digital Legacy Tool


We built and launched what we have termed a 'digital end of life planning tool' for those of us who want to say “goodbye” to our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. This free service provides an environment where users create a series of private messages. Messages can consist of text, images and video. The messages are saved and only sent to the allocated DeadSocial, Facebook and Twitter profiles once we pass away. This allows us to release unseen photos, create discussion and say "goodbye" in our own way after we have died.

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Assigning a digital executor


Once a user has created one or more messages they are asked to assign one or more ‘digital executors’. The trusted executor(s) enters a non-legally binding agreement confirming that they will administer the user’s messages once they pass away. DeadSocial do not ever initiate the message send process as we feel it would be unethical for us to do so.

This simple process is carried out online. When an assigned 'digital executor' receives a request they can either 'accept' or 'decline'. Whatever their decision, the user receives an automatic email stating their decision. If the digital executor declines the user will need to assign a different 'digital executor' to carryout this task for their messages to be sent out in accordance with their social media will.


The image above is a screenshot of the agreement entered into by a DeadSocial user (DeadSocialite) and the assigned digital executor


What happens to my messages when I die?


After your death and when your assigned 'digital executor' feels that the time is right they will need to login to their account and click onto 'activate social media will' button. In this tab they will see a reference to your account and will be able to activate the message send process on your behalf.

 Navigation interface

Your 'digital executor' is unable to view or alter your messages prior to them being distributed. This helps to ensure that your messages remain organic and your stories, inspirations and messages are not altered or changed in anyway.


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The image above is an example of a 'scheduled message' sent to Facebook using DeadSocial 


25 years DeadSocial logoHow much does it cost?


Our Legacy building tool will always remain free for you to use and your friends and family to view your messages.  Click here to start building your digital legacy and ensure that you are remembered for the things you want to be remembered for.


What messages will you leave behind?



...'The End' no longer needs to be 'The End' of your life online. 

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Click here to start building & scheduling you digital legacy 


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