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This section is dedicated to healthcare professionals, end of life specialists and carers who work within this difficult sector. We have written a number of resources that you may find of interest including those found on the 'legacy builder area'. You may also be interested in viewing the charity and not for profit initiatives we have ran to date.

We are continually growing our services and our offering. We partner with charities, healthcare professionals, not-for-profits, hospices and funeral directors to do so.

If you would like us to write a tutorial for a specific area online please let us get in touch. We welcome the sharing of ideas and will always credit the contributor and the original source. 


Supporting HCPs, chairities and organisations


We support the healthcare, funeral, care, charity and hospice sector through diffusion, collaboration, consultancy, workshops, conferences and partnerships. If you would like to discuss how we could help support the people you serve get in touch. Please be aware that we only work with organisations we deem as an ethical. All of our tutorials and support material is independently written and our content will always be free. Any external content provided is independently reviewed and moderated.


  • Dying Matters Awareness Week


Each year we take over a pop-up space in London and run a series of events from it. In 2014 we helped charities and organisations to 'take over' the space for periods at a time. This enabled them to engage with the community on Camden High Street (a very busy high street in London).



A list of partners involved with our Dying Matters Awareness Week popup shop in 2014 can be found here

If you are looking to host a Dying Matters Awareness Week event you can read our guide here


  •  Transition in Palliative Care, Study Day


We recently provided a virtual seminar about digital death and digital legacy at Tŷ Hafan's Children's hospice. It supported a seminar given by Dr Mark Taubert.


Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice

More information including the video of the virtual seminar click here


Free resources for HCPs, Funeral Directors and End of Life Care professionals to download, print & distribute.


Below are two resources that we have made available for free for HCPs, Funeral Directors and End of Life Care professionals to read, download, print and distribute. 


Five steps to sort out you Digital Legacy today


In May 2015 we released a new resource to help the general public think about, address and start sorting out their digital legacy.

This is the first ever printed support material (that we know of) that helps the general public address this increasingly important area. Five steps to sort out your Digital Legacy was first made available during Dying Matters Awareness Week 2015. Printed leaflets were delivered and distributed across the UK & Wales. Five steps to sort out your digital legacy today is available in both English and Welsh to help ensure the widest possible reach across the UK. 

Healthcare Professionals, Funeral Directors and End of Life Care Professionals are welcome to download this leaflet, print and distribute to those they serve for free. Simply download the resource in the relevant language below.


English Version

Five steps to Sort out your Digital LegacyFirst five steps

Download and share the flyer in English (PDF) by clicking here 

Welsh Version

Pum Cam i drefnu eich Cymynrodd Ddigidol heddiw Byw Nawr

Y Pum Cam Cyntaf


















Download and share the flyer in Welsh (PDF) by clicking here


Macmillan Primary Care Conference


In November 2014 we put together and printed a leaflet for the Macmillan Primary Care Conference. It supported the seminar 'Can we Palliate Social Media' provided by James Norris (CEO, DeadSocial) and Dr Mark Taubert (Velindre NHS Trust & BMJ Editor). This resource and list of tasks to are specifically for GPs and those working within Primary Care. It is available for HCPs who attended the conference (login required).


Can We Palliate Social Media Primary Care Conference leaflet   


Workshops and Conferences


  • Health 2.0, Europe 2014


Digital death and digital legacy issues are often not addressed or spoken about at healthcare and social science events. We try to engage with the general public, healthcare and charity sectors in as many ways as possible. This includes speaking at events, running workshops etc. To view our upcoming speaking engagements click here

 Health 2.0 Conference

Photo: SHHHH Topics.... Overcoming Addictions, Grief, and Stress (Moderated by Pascal Lardier - Health 2.0)


DeadSocial have written support material around the areas of digital death and digital legacy for a range of other charities and organisations. Content ranges from How to host a Dying Matters Awareness Week to digital bereavement support material for the children's charity PlanIf.

Digital Legacy Conference Logo 

  • The Digital Legacy Conference


The 1st Annual Digital Legacy Conference (#DigitalLegacyCon) took place at University College London Partners (UCLP) on the 23rd May 2015. It brought together a range of professionals, academics and business professionals to help address areas relating to death and dying in today’s ever increasingly digitised world.


Dr Mayer

 Dr Mayur Lakhani: GP, Chair of the National Council For Palliative Care & Dying Matters


Due to its demand and success the Digital Legacy Conference will now be an annual event. We invite those with relevant working experience in this field to get in touch. More information about the conference can be found at:

ICCM entry logo


  • The ICCM Learning Convention 2015


The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management  (ICCM) were setup in 1913 to policy and best practice guidance to Burial and Cremation authorities, its Corporate members. DeadSocial presented the paper 'social media in death and bereavement' in the penultimate presentation in September 2015.


ICCM 1000px stage

DeadSocial's paper presented at the ICCM Learning Convention. Further information can be found here


North london caresRaising Awareness in the community 

We raise awareness both in the local and wider community by participating in local community projects as well as national and international campaigning.


Working in the community

The photo above shows James Norris (DeadSocial's CEO) speaking at North London Cares event at AgeUK Islington, London. 


Legacy tasks that can be facilitated by carers, family members and healthcare professionals


Some wonderful external resources for Healthcare professionals 



To view a list of support Organisations & Charities for the general public visit our UK and the USA pages.


nurse for deadsocial new website smallHealthcare Professional, Hospice, Carer & Industry Engagement


If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. We will normally answer any questions submitted within 24 hours. We are keen to add value to your work when we are able to do so.


If you know of a great resource for healthcare professionals, carers and end of life professionals that is not included in the list above let us know.




Your footprint

Healthcare Professionals & Carers Tutorials


Tasks that can be facilitated by carers and HCPs



External resources for HCPs and Carers




Digital Legacy Conference Logo

We welcome experts who work within the end of life, tech and educational sectors to apply to present at Digital Legacy Conference 2014.

The conference will take place during Dying Matters Awareness Week 2015 in London. Sponsorship opportunities now also available.

More information can be found by clicking here


Twitter Feed

Free Download for GPs & Primary Care Workers


This free download (PDF) allows GPs and primary care professionals to see what patients are saying about them and their surgery on industry portals and on social media sites (Facebook & Twitter).

Click here to download the 'Can We Palliate Social Media' Resource

Once you have carried out this task you / your surgery will need to decide whether you include comments and feedback within your internal review process, respond to comments etc.

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