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The actions we take, the way we behave and the choices we make in life help to shape the legacy we leave behind in death. These actions are increasingly being carried out and overtly spoken about online. By thinking about our digital legacy and planning for our inevitable departure we are able to highlight certain personally traits and our tell stories for those left behind. - James Norris, CEO DeadSocial


Digital Legacy checklist


Below is a basic checklist of things to consider when evaluating your online footprint. By evaluating the points below we hope that it will evoke thought and lead to a proactive outcome.

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  • Search for (your name) in Google and see what appears (in search, image search and video search). If there is information or media (such as photos and videos) that you do not want to be remembered for consider removing them.
  • Make sure that you have given directions about what you would like to happen to your online accounts and profiles in your will.
  • Review using our free Digital legacy builder to say your final "goodbye" messages to your friends and family members online
  • Tell someone what you would like to happen with your electronic devices, digital content and social media content when you die
  • Download and backup your media saved on third party sites
  • If you have a website or blog that you would like to remain live once you have died make sufficient plans, technical resource and budget for this to occur.
  • Understand the terms & conditions of the services you use online. Our guides may help
  • Consider passing on your passwords for your computer, mobile phone, tablet, social media and online accounts


Right to be forgotten


European citizens have the granted the 'Right to be forgotten' online. This law was passed by the European Commission and requires online information (service) providers and search engines (like Google) to remove content when it is deemed to break privacy laws attributed to EU citizens. Further information about this ruling and subsequent case studies since the motion was passed can be viewed here.

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Video - Filming

Inspiring Videos


More and more people are filming videos of themselves to be shown after their death. These can be hugely powerful ways to both say" goodbye" and leave a lasting video legacy. DeadSocial's free 'goodbye' tool is one way to schedule videos to be shown online after death. Other ways include leaving a video with a trusted party or a solicitor.


Things to think about


  • Don’t wear thin-stripy shirts, as your video may appear fuzzy when viewed.
  • Wear something that reflects who you are.
  • Be as serious, creative or somber as you see fit. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. It’s your video and should reflect you in today’s world. Stuff to think about…


What should I speak about?


  • What is important to you?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Your family history knowledge? 
  • A story that you would like to be remembered and recited?
  • What is your favourite saying (for example: always look on the Brightside of life)
  • What are the highlights of your life (so far)?
  • What are the low-lights of your life (so far)?
  • Where you and your family are from?
  • What your life has been like (to date)?
  • What advice do you have for those you leave behind?
  • What is your favourite music, art, books, aftershave, sports team?
  • What are your religious / political views?
  • What your hopes and dreams are for your friends and family? …or anything else that springs to mind. It’s YOUR video and your legacy.


Two very different 'Goodbye' videos


  • Lawrence Darani


A video by Lawrence Darani passing down some of his own stories and knowledge to help comfort his friends, family and inform future generations of the Darani family.


 To watch more videos by Lawrence and learn from him about creating your own 'ethical will' click here.


  • Carla Zilber-Smith


A video by Carla Zilber-Smith passing down comfort through comedy and a smile



What kind of videos will you leave behind?

Click here to leave a secret video using DeadSocial


You can create your own videos with a webcam or a mobile phone. However, if you live in the UK and would like DeadSocial to help you film and edit your ethical will or goodbye videos feel free to get in touch 

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