Over the next week - two weeks we will need an intern to help out with You are welcome to work either from the office in Camden or from the luxury of your own home.

We will be flying out to SXSW in Texas on Wednesday and would really appreciate some support whilst we are away. This would be a great position for anyone interested in working within a dynamic startup whilst learning a lot about social media, digital marketing and business on the job. Applicants need to be tech savvy and familiar with social networking and the wider web. Experience with blogging, marketing and design is an advantage but not necessary.

Please apply by sending your CV over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Time is tight so please send it over by Sunday night (Monday at the very latest).

UKTI Digital Mission ChinwagSXSW

DeadSocial will be exhibiting in the Austin Convention Center, with the other UKTI Digital mission startups whilst at SXSW. The best way to find us is by entering Hall 3 via Trinity Street.

DeadSocial Map at SXSW

Below is a map of where to find the Austin Convention Center and our stand during the SXSW conference. 

To see what DeadSocial (well, James Norris) is up to in the evenings follow his plancast. DeadSocial will be staying in the 'Start-Up Villa' on the Austin Waterfront with the guys from Rockstart between the 8th -15th March. 

If you would like to get in contact before SXSW feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us


On Monday I attended Social Media Week's 'Opening Reception' hosted by Chinwag. It was a good chance to meet some of the fellow startups who are attending SXSW this year.

Towards the end of the evening I met Ogilvy's Leo Ryan and we spoke about DeadSocial and Ogilvy's new venture Social@Ogilvy. Before leaving Leo very kindly handed me a red envelop! In the envelop was an invitation to attend the Social@Ogilvy launch party on the London Eye....

On Wednesday I arrived at the London eye just before 5.45pm and was quickly moved into the pod for 'startups'. There was a nice mix of startups and businesses in our pod ranging from Twitter to Psonor.


Champagne & Sushi was served from the second we stepped onto the London Eye to the moment we left. The conversation was of the highest standard and the entire event was a great experience.

I would like to thank everyone at Ogilvy for inviting me to the event and wish Social@Ogilvy every success.



The tragic news of Whitney Houston’s death was announced on Twitter and spread at a rapid speed. About 2.5 million tweets and retweets occurred in the first hour after her death. This amounts to more than 1,000 tweets a second (according to Topsy Labs).

Below is an image from the first (known) tweet announcing the death of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston death announced via a Tweet

"The news of Houston’s death peaked at 5:23 p.m. PT with 61,227 tweets in that minute". Since her death celebrities have paid their respects though Twitter. In doing so attaining retweets (in some cases in the tens of thousands)

ReTweet's attained from celebrities grieving the death of Whitney Houston

The Whitney Houston website currently displays this simple but powerful message:

RIP Whitney Houston Website

The Response to Whitney Houston's death on Facebook

It seems that Whitney Houston did not really use Facebook and Twitter. The last message on her Facebook Fan Page appears to have been posted by a third party and her twitter account not used since March 2010. The image on the right is a small snapshot of the tribes displayed on Whitney Houston's Facebook page

Whitney Houston Facebook

Whitney Houston Facebook Response

UKTI Digital Mission ChinwagSXSW

DeadSocial is very happy to announce that we have been accepted into UK Trade and Investment's Digital Mission to South by South West (SXSW). The mission has the backing and support from the wonderful people at Chinwag. With this announcement we have (this morning) opened the platform in order to allow users to create profiles ahead of our (alpha) launch on the 25th February.

SXSW Mission

The UKTI Mission to SXSW is taking place 8th - 13th March 2012 in Austin, Texas. The trip should be a great opportunity for us and other technology start-ups from the UK to meet technology folk, investors and experts from the USA and from across the globe.

We are going to be making a number of changes to DeadSocial over the next 10 days. We are currently integrating a number of elements into the site and expect certain elements to stop working etc as a direct result. These will all be working and ironed out soon. On the 25th February we will invite around 100 people to use and test the site until the 30th February 2012. We hope that you are one of them :)


Excting news to be announced about SXSW tomorrow MONDAY (thursday 6th February).... Stay posted

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys we are happy to announce that DeadSocial will be launching for testing purposes on the 20th February,,, "What does this mean" (I hear you ask).

Well, It means that the platform will be ready for a small number of people (around 100-200). In early March we will ask these initial wonderful people to give feedback and from the feedback attained we will make the platform even better.

If you would like help DeadSocial then please register as a user and we will contact you before March.

DeadSocial Beta Testers

Every good software team has a robot of some sort these days. Well, DeadSocial are no exception... Geoffrey will be overseeing the beta testing in January. Be nice to him, he is fluent in over six million forms of communication (including English, Spanish and Turkish)

DeadSocial Robot

If you would like to join Geoffrey and be a beta tester ahead of our launch in early 2012 then click here and enter your details

Things are progressing nicely over at Heavenly HQ. Two notible changes are the updates to the text logos...

Old Logo designs....


Old Icon .............               New Icon                          New Pink icon

Old icon                        Icon New                            

We have created a short stop animation to highlight what DeadSocial is and how it helps people to communicate. Although it is only 60 seconds long it took a good 10 hours to draw, animate & edit. "Why did it take so long" I hear you ask.... "Don''t ask" you hear me cry :)

Stop Animation

Your footprint

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