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London Month of the Dead


Which London cemetery is rumoured to host a time machine? How would your body be disposed of if you were to perish in a mass fatality? Where can you visit a collection of 35,000 skeletons of deceased Londoners? What will happen to your Facebook account after you die?

Event curators Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation have programmed a London Month of the Dead to answer these and many other intriguing questions about the past, present and future of death in the metropolis.

Throughout October 2014 and concluding on All Souls Day, a series of talks and workshops will take place investigating the capital’s relationship with its late residents. You can meet an undertaker or the world’s foremost expert on near death experiences; visit the Museum of London’s bone archive or take part in a séance; learn about the history of dissection or try your own hand at it in a taxidermy workshop. A series of Sunday salons in the cemetery will centre around themes of London’s macabre heritage with talks on forgotten burial grounds, embalming techniques, the paranormal and immortality.


DeadSocial are delighted to be involved with London Month of the Dead.


The World without us - The future, fatality and Facebook A salon in the cemetery with Dr John Troyer and James Norris will take place on Sunday 26th October from 1 to 3 pm

The choices for death are increasing. DR JOHN TROYER of Bath University's Centre for Death and Society gives a glimpse into new and coming technologies of 'disposal' including green burial, freeze drying, sonic boom dispersion and holographic graveyards. He poses the question “What do you want done with your body when you die?’ and provides some possible answers with thoughts on Future Death, Future Dead Bodies, and Future Cemeteries with some surprising facts for Londoners. What will happen to our online life when we’re gone? Is a social media presence possible in the hereafter?

JAMES NORRIS, the founder of DeadSocial, will pose the question 'Have you made plans for both your digital and physical possessions? DeadSocial provide a free end of life 'digital legacy tool' enabling living Londoners to creatively cross into their real 'Second Life'. James will investigate the ways in which digital and social media are changing the ways we remember and mourn. Tickets £12 including a Hendrick's Gin Cocktail


The World without us



Dr. John Troyer is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. His interdisciplinary research focuses on contemporary memorialisation practices, concepts of spatial historiography, and the dead body’s relationship with technology. Dr. Troyer is also a theatre director and installation artist with extensive experience in site-specific performance across the United States and Europe.

James Norris is a lecturer and mentor on Digital & Social Media at University College London, and founder of DeadSocial. DeadSocial is a tool that allows anyone to create scheduled messages. These are distributed across their social networks after we pass away. This allows for final goodbyes to be told whilst enabling us continue to communicate once we have gone.




All the events will be hosted at the chapels in two of the capital’s great gardens of sleep, Brompton and Kensal Green. Both are part of the ‘Magnificent Seven’, the glorious septet of Victorian cemeteries that became showcases for neo-classical and new-Gothic architecture within six miles of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Brompton Cemetery


A diagram of Brompton Cemetery's domed Chapel where some of the events will be taking place



To evoke the spirits of the living as we listen to talks on death, Hendrick’s Gin have devised seven bespoke cocktails, one in honour of each cemetery in London’s Magnificent Seven and each guest will be served a complimentary cocktail of their choice.

Sadly the capital’s historic burial grounds are suffering from neglect and our talks and workshops will run in conjunction with a fund-raising appeal for the restoration of Brompton Cemetery, the 39 acre Grade 1 listed West London burial ground managed by Royal Parks. Twenty percent of all ticket sales will be donated to the conservation of this important site. The Heritage Lottery Fund has pledged a match funding campaign, meaning all donations will automatically be doubled in value and, once a total of £500,000 is reached, a further £3.7m conservation fund will be unlocked.

The London Month of the Dead has been curated by a Curious Invitation and Antique Beat to inform, entertain and provoke on the subject of death and London cemeteries whilst leaving you feeling more alive than ever. The full schedule of events can be found here:


London Cemeteries



We are currently working day and night in order to ensure that the new version of DeadSocial is as good as it possibly can be. It will all be revealed at Dying Matters 'Day of the Dead Conference 2014' on the 3rd November. We do however do leave our office in Camden, London to speak at industry and public events in order to highlight the importance of death and preparing to help ensure our wishes are met whilst making it easier for those left behind




If you are able to attend any of the events that we are speaking at please let us know


  • Ideal Death Show (6th September) - The Beeches, Bournville (Birmingham)
  • London Month of the Dead (26th October) - Kensal Green Cemetery Dissenters’ Chapel Kensal Green Cemetery Chapel, London
  • Dying Matters Day of the Dead Conference (3rd November) - Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London
  • Health 2.0 Europe (11th November) - The Mermaid Conference Centre, London
  • Macmillan Primary Care Conference (Thursday 27th November) Hilton, Gatwick Airport, West Sussex
  • Digital Legacy Conference (TBA)


Jon Underwood gives an incredible presentation about Death Cafe at DeadSocial's Social Media Week 2014 event: 'Death Digital Demise Community and our digital legacy'.


We will be announcing our Social Media Week 2014 event very, very soon.


The Ideal Death Show

We recently interviewed Charles the founder of the 'Ideal Death Show' & 'The Good Funeral Awards'. In this interview Charles provides an overview about the event and insight as to whether or not it is healthy for the general public to attend such a show. 


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Charles Cowling. I live in Redditch, the town made famous by Kevin Turvey.
Can you tell us a little bit about the Ideal Death Show and the inspiration for putting on such as event?
The Ideal Death Show began as a Six Feet Under Convention. It morphed into the Joy Of Death show but the title caused so much indignation we grudgingly changed it. We’re heavily into continuous brand reinvention and shapeshifting generally.
The Good Funeral Awards are just 3 years old. They’re huge fun, but the purpose is hugely serious. It’s where we get to say thank you to all the great people who work with the bereaved. There are more unsung heroes out there than most people would believe. The death industry employs some of the nicest people in the known universe.
Coffin Good Funeral Awards
Is the exhibition for the general public or just those who work within the end of life sector?
We are fully signed up to a we’re-all-in-it-together agenda because, let’s face it, none of us gets out of this alive. We deplore the disempowerment of the bereaved and the false specialism that has erected a rampart between the deathmongers and everyone else. We want to restore normality to what is, after all, the most normal thing anyone can do: die. We want to see their people rising to the occasion, not crumpling. We want to see them getting hands-on, not bystanding. We want to see them making meaning by what they do and what they say, not by what they spend. And when it’s all over, instead of feeling empty, we want them to feel knackered and proud. So yes, at this show the pros and the public mix and chat as fellow human beings facing the same fate. Death is nothing if not a leveller. Hence our two rules: no talking down and NO BLACK SUITS!
Is it morbid and healthy for the general public to spend time thinking about death?
Morbidity is a state of mind, not a condition brought on by the awareness of mortality. Brooding’s bad, obviously, but no one ever drove themselves mad by spending time getting their heads around something big and difficult. Denial is always an option, and it will unquestionably save the sanity of some. Death is crap, we make no bones about that. But for most people, paradoxically, awareness of death acts as a great stimulus and life-enhancer. 
Ideal Death Show - Final Fling
They say we’re living longer than ever these days. It may be truer to say that we’re taking longer than ever to die. We can go into this long goodbye mute and terrified or we can assert our autonomy. Old age is no place for sissies.
Is there room for creativity and innovation with the funeral (and death) sector?
Short answer, yes. Why? Because creativity promotes emotional health and asserts normality. Dying has become medicalised and funerals have become packaged. So there’s everything to be said for enriching the way we manage death, disposal and commemoration with ritual, observances, active love and, above all, participation. Everyone does things differently. That’s what we need to see more of.
What can people expect by attending?
People can expect to satisfy their curiosity and learn things that are useful. They’ll get straight answers to all their questions and they’ll be able to debate points of view. There’s no hush and awe at a gig like this. There’s lots of good fellowship, some tears, perhaps – good ones – and loads of laughter. There’s a whole new wave of progressive, thinking people working in funerals these days. They come to this event because it’s somewhat of a clan gathering and because it’s – well, a bit edgy.  
When will the Ideal Death Show and The Good Funeral Awards take place and where?
Come for the weekend, 5-7 September 2014, or just for the big day, Saturday 6th. We’re in Bournville, the model village built by the Cadbury’s in Birmingham. Access by road, rail and bus is excellent. Perhaps we should rename the show Death By Chocolate?

James Norris (DeadSocial’s CEO) will be speaking about “digital death” and our “digital legacies” at the Ideal Death Show. If you are planning to attend and interested in the seminar come along! If you cannot make seminar but would like to say “hello” please visit our stand in the exhibition hall.

More information about the Ideal Death Show can be found at:


Dan Shaffer at WebpageFX put together a visual guide to social media life after death. While Twitter will start deleting accounts after six months of inactivity, most other social networks won't touch your profile unless specifically asked by a family member or an agent of law enforcement.

Whether your account is left as it is, deleted, deactivated or extended using DeadSocial, your online accounts and information will help inform your legacy and digital legacy.

Digital Legacy Infographic


Over the last few years Infographics have become an extremely effective way to tell stories using data. Infographics are (in short) graphical representations of datasets. They are often focused around one or more pieces of data and provide insights into a specific subject matter.

Their visual and narrative nature have helped make a lot of information more appealing to the general public and (when telling a good story) can appeal to almost every demographic. For Dying Matters Awareness Week we launched and built an art installation called the #LivINFOGRAPHIC (living-Infographic). The LivINFOGRAPHIC lived within a physical space and used data that was being attained to alter it accordingly.

Have you written a will? Dying Matters Awareness Week

The LivINFOGRAPHIC was visited by many during it's lifespan in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Popup Shop' (69 Camden High Street, London). We took data from the ‘Digital Death Survey’ and updated it over the week.  The installation was sat on 3 metres x 2 metres of real turf (grass) and lived and breathed over this period.


The data was attained and then updated (in near real-time). Although the installation has now been dismantled the ‘Digital Death Survey’ wil remain live for the next four weeks. It is a very short and anonymous survey. If you have two minutes to spare we would still really appreciate your input:


This survey asks questions about end of life matters in relation to our online accounts and in today's digitally connected society. The installation’s concept was devised by James Norris (CEO DeadSocial) and was built with the help of the installation and performance artist, Natalie Jackson.

The LivINFOGRAPHIC was just one of many initiatives and events hosted in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Pop-Up shop'. These included workshops, Death Cafes, live music, poetry, photography and art. Organisations involved ranged from the NHS and The Good Funeral Guide to Save the Male and The Natural Death Centre.

In the next 2-3 weeks we will release a report with the findings from the Digital Death Survey 2014. The results will be published here and on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages.


DeadSocial were recently referred to Google’s ‘Launchpad’ programme by the wonderful folks at ‘Healthbox Europe’. We applied and were lucky enough to be accepted. Along with 10 (or so) other innovative startups we worked intensively whilst picking the brains of Google employees and mentors..



Launchpad London (in short) was a week of mentoring, business modeling, coding, review and improvement.  It enabled us to focus on a number key areas ranging from design, user experience and much more. We would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Liz, Amir, David, Mario, Ola, David, Jacob, Andrew and all of the mentors and organisers for accepting our application and aiding our ongoing development. We would also like to thank Healthbox Europe for recommending us and Campus London for being both welcoming and amazing hosts.
Google Glass Selfie
James Norris (our CEO) having fun and taking a 'selfie' whist wearing Google Glass.
Launchpad London was mind-blowing and everything from start to finish... phenomenal! We knew that the week would be of high value but could not have imagined it being half as beneficial as it turned out to be. 
The outcome from the week will inform our future development and help provide an even better service for our wonderful community in the future. We hope to stay in touch with the mentors at Google and look forward to the reunion this week :)


We have launched the Digital Death Survey and would be very grateful if you were to fill it in. You are welcome to fill in the form below anonymously if desired.

If the scrolling action on the form below annoys you feel free to open the form in a full window by clicking on this link:


DeadSocial will be running a pop-up shop in aid of ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week’ again this year. Below is the full lineup of events, happenings, death cafes, performances, art installations and workshops. These range from NHS workshops to DeadSocial’s art installation that uses realtime data to update a realtime infographic (something we call a LivInfographic). This year’s theme for Dying Matters Awareness Week is ‘You only die once’.

Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive national coalition of 30,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards dying, death and bereavement.
DeadSocial’s Pop-Up Shop, London 2014 – Full Timetable 

Below is the full list of those involved and the events and happenings that will take place during the week.
Monday 5th May  (Closed / Bank holiday)
Tuesday 6th May – Saturday 10th May (10am-5.30pm unless otherwise stated)  
You Only Die Once Art Exhibition  
The You Only Die Once Art exhibition will run alongside the public events highlighted below.  Artists featured: Sequin Kay & Lauren Baker, Natalie Jackson, Marianne Hamel and Nikki Johnson, Krystle Mickael, Beth Hughes & Janne Parvianen
(Artwork shown above by Janne Parviainen)
Tuesday 6th May (10am-10pm) - The Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre is a social, entrepreneurial, educational charity that gives free, impartial advice on all aspects of dying, bereavement and consumer rights.
They give support on family-organised and environmentally friendly funerals, and we run the Association of Natural Burial Grounds.. Although green in outlook, they promote choice and education in all aspects of funerals.
The day will be facilitated by Susan, Fran and Josephine
10.00-14.00 – Natural Death Salon drop in session – come and have an informal chat over a cup of tea on all matters death related, dying, death, funerals and bereavement – Natural Death Centre.
14.00-15.00 ‘Thinking ahead before you’re Brown Bread (Dead)’ – Have you put your affairs in order ? NDC Discussion Salon by Susan Morris, Natural Death Centre
15.30-16.30 ‘Keeping Funeral Costs down with a Green Funeral’- by Simon Ferrar Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground
17.00-18.00  ‘How can I organise a more personalised Funeral?’ by Fran Hall, Natural Death Centre 
18.30 -21.15 Death Centre Death Cafe’ by Josefine Speyer, NDC cofounder & patron & Susan Morris, NDC Trustee.
Wednesday 7th May (10am-1pm) - NHS Central and North West London & UCLH Palliative Care Team, Camden Carers Service, Carers Health and Support Teams Present: Pop-Up Carers Café
NHS London   Camden Carers service logo     Camden Carers Centre  
Are you caring for someone in their last years?    Getting support and advice in Camden is a piece of cake! Be better informed and better supported, join us for a chat over tea and cake.
11am - Talk by Camden & UCLH Palliative Care Team,  Susan Morris & Stephanie Riley, Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialists, CNWL
11.30am - Information by Camden Carers Service, Carers Health and Support Teams
12.00pm – 1.00pm - Informal chat over tea and cake
*Wednesday Afternoon  - Email us if you are interested in using the space via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Wednesday (7pm onwards) - You Only Die Once, Private Viewing. Invitation requests can be made via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lauren Baker & Sequin Kay
(Artwork shown above by Lauren Baker & Sequin Kay)
Thursday (10am-5pm) – Reclaiming Funerals Collective and The Good Funeral Guide present:  'You Only Die Once - Beautiful and Affordable Ways to Go’
Reclaiming Funerals Collective is an informal collective of people who work around death and bereavement.  In their individual working roles, they support the bereaved to take ownership of funerals and of the grieving process.  Their work is all about helping people to reclaim the funeral as a community event, as an authentic grieving ritual that calls upon natural imagination, authentic emotions and collective resources.  Affordability and practicality is at the core of what they do, supporting those with minimal resources to help create beautiful funerals for their loved ones.

The Collective & The Good Funeral Guide invite you to tell your own stories, share your own ideas and experiences, create your own beautiful ‘memorialia’, join them for conversation over tea and cake......and much more.
'Pop In' Activities
Death & Diversity,  Words Left Unsaid, Postcards to the Other Side, Design your own Urn, Words in a Basket, The Healing Tree, What is a Funeral for?  The People's Mortuary
Dialogues about Death
Cake and Conversations – one to one conversations over tea and cake.
The Art of Grief – Beth demonstrates how art is helping
her to process her feelings about her dad's death.
Workshops: 'Serious Fun'
Recycled Roses – make your own personalised funeral flowers from egg cartons with Claire.
Lanterns for Longing Hearts – make a lantern for a loved one with Beth
Funerals Unlimited – help to plan a funeral on a deserted island.
Tender Images
Earth Vessels – Beth's beautiful personalised urns
Only with Love: A beautiful way to go. 
Thursday 8th May - (6.30pm - 9pm) Death Cafe with Jon Underwood
Jon Underwood set up Death Cafe after coming across the work of Swiss sociolagist Bernard Crettaz. Jon works on serveral different projects about death. Death Café’s concept is simple, Tea and cake is served and areas that accompany death are addressed. It is a collaborative / participatory event with no fixed or business agenda. Attendees are requested to be respectful of all beliefs furthermore the focus of a death cafe is on death not religion. We hope to see you there. More information here
Friday 9th May - (10am –5pm) Leverton & Sons Ask the Undertaker 
Richard Putt and Lori MacKellar will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have regarding funerals and how to serve those who are approaching the end their life.
Richard Putt answering 'An Undertakes Most Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs)
Leverton & Sons have been an Independent Funeral Directors since 1789. They aim to be highly flexible as funeral directors and to be led entirely by the wishes of their clients.  They serve all creeds and cultures and increasingly encounter people with highly personal and creative ways of coping with death.  As a family and throughout the company they continue to be educated and inspired by the life stories of those who have died and the personalities of those who instruct them.
Levertons are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors; National Selected Morticians; Selected Independent Funeral Directors; the Association of Green Funeral Directors.  Recommended by the Natural Death Centre and The Good Funeral Guide.
Friday (6.30pm - 8pm)Save the Male - Dying Matters Awareness Week Special 
Save The Male is a comedy, poetry and music showcase, raising awareness of the male suicide prevention charity CALM. Compered by stand-up poet Jack Rooke and curated by Cecilia Knapp, the showcase aims to encourage and inspire people of all ages to engage in creative expression.
CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) are a charity working endlessly to tackle the statistic that suicide is the biggest killer of young men in the UK. 
Suicide bears a silent stigma and many young men feel unable to talk or seek support when feeling down or in times of crisis. Save The Male wants to break down these barriers by encouraging more of us to be open and honest through engagement with creative outlets such as poetry, comedy and music.
At the core of our ethos is the belief that expression is the most accessible form of self-help. Save The Male wants to promote to everyone, through workshops, ‘Make It Write’ anthologies and fundraising events, that ‘being silent, isn’t being strong’ and that the boundaries of expression are limitless.
Jack Rooke stumbled upon Dying Matters Awareness Week by chance last year. It inspired him to write the 'Before I Die I Would like to...' poem. This story and the poem itself is performed by Jack below:
Confirmed acts for the Save the Male - Dying Matters Awareness Week Special include:
Laurie Bolger @lauriebolger host of standup poetry night Bang Said The Gun and radio presenter.
Zia Ahmed @ziasighs winner of Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2011 
Cecilia Knapp @ceciliaknapp musician/poet and associate artist of The Roundhouse
Previous headliners include: Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks), Rob Auton (Dave Funniest Joke Of The Fringe 2013), Chris Redmond (Tongue Fu, Radio 4) and Jodi Ann Bickley (Author of Sunday Times Best Seller 'One Million Lovely Letters')
Friday (8pm-Late)  DeadSocial Party 
The Pop-Up shop will conclude with the DeadSocial Party (wahoo). There will be live music, drinks and industry networking aplenty. This event is free to attend however tickets are required. Live Music provided by the awesome 'Sweetcorn Bread' (as heard on BBC Radio). More information about this final event in the pop-up shop can be found here
Tim Watt Performing at DeadSocial's Pop-Up party in 2013
Tim Watt
Saturday 10th May (11am-4pm) You Only Die Once Exhibiton (only) 
Sunday 11th May (Close)
All of the events listed above will be taking place in the Collective Pop-Up Shop, 69 Camden High Street between 6th-10th May. A map of it's location can be found below: 
About Dying Matters 
Dying Matters is a broad based and inclusive national coalition of 30,000 members, which aims to change public knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards dying, death and bereavement. We only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, that’s why the theme of the fifth annualDying Matters Awareness Week is ‘Dying Matters: You only die once’. 
About DeadSocial
DeadSocial is an end of life tool for those of us who want to say “goodbye” in our own way to our friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Our free service provides an environment where users create a series of messages. These consist of text, images and video. The messages are saved and only sent to our Facebook & Twitter profiles once we pass away.  Once a user has created one or more messages they are asked to assign a ‘digital executor’. The trusted executor enters an agreement confirming that they will administrate the user’s messages once they pass away. 
DeadSocial is helping us to address death digitally and provide ways in which to bring our digital life to a managed ending.
Camden Town Unlimited 
Camden Town Unlimited has been appointed by the business community to improve Camden Town as a place to work, live and visit. Their projects include the ‘Collective Pop Up’.
Leverton & Sons 
We would like to thank Leverton & Sons for supporting the Pop-Up shop once again this year. Their support has helped ensure that the event will take place and the the fantastic programme occurs. 

    NHS London    

    Leverton & Sons    


Between the 6th – 9th May DeadSocial will be running a pop-up shop to help support Dying Matters Awareness Week. During this week a number of organisations, artists and charities will use the space to address end of life issues, run seminars, workshops and host Death Cafes. The ‘You Only Die Once’ art exhibition will also run in the space throughout the week & feature the internationally acclaimed artists:  

Sequin Kay & Lauren Baker, Natalie Jackson, Marianne Hamel & Nikki Johnson, Janne Parvianen, Krystle Mickael & Beth Hughes

Sequin Kay & Lauren Baker

Sequin Kay & Lauren Baker - Lucid Visions

 Trichrome small bowel

Marianne Hamel & Nikki Johnson - Trichrome of small bowel

Tim Watt Performing at DeadSocial's London party in 2013

Tim Watt

The Pop-Up shop will conclude with the DeadSocial Party & The YODO Art Exhibition Private View. For those of you haven't attended a DeadSocial party before watch the video below (from South by South West) . 

DeadSocial Launch Party video at South By South West (SXSW), Austin Texas. 8th March 2013

Sweetcorn Bread

Sweetcornbread are an original 5 piece band delivering a foot stomping blend of genres that will keep you dancing, entertained and warmed, from the melodic three part vocal harmonies to the shredding banjo riffs and electronic bass grooves. Following a BBC live session and 6music airtime of the forthcoming single release 'fajita', sweetcornbread are on the up and coming list and are certainly a band set for goodtimes.

Sweetcorn Bread, Fajitas (music video) 



Pre-Party - 6.30pm- 8pm: Save The Male.  

Save the Male is a comedy, poetry and music showcase, raising awareness of the male suicide prevention charity CALM. Compered by stand-up poet Jack Rooke and curated by Cecilia Knapp, the showcase aims to encourage and inspire people of all ages to engage in creative expression.

Confirmed acts: 

Laurie Bolger @lauriebolger host of standup poetry night Bang Said The Gun and radio presenter.

Zia Ahmed @ziasighs winner of Roundhouse Poetry Slam 2011 

Cecilia Knapp @ceciliaknapp musician/poet and associate artist of The Roundhouse


Party Friday 8pm-11pm: DeadSocial's London Party & The You Only Die Once Art Exhibition (Private View)

(8pmish) - Paul Sant (House DJ)

(9pm) - Sweetcorn bread (folk band)

(9.45pm - 11pm) Paul Sant (House DJ)


"Thank you" Levertons for providing the drinks. Tickets for the event is free however you need to signup below ahead of the event to attain entry. If you are on an artists guestlist you do not need to register for a ticket.

How to find the party /The Collective Pop-Up Shop - 69 Camden High Street:


Stay up to date via our social media channels

DeadSocial on Twitter

DeadSocial on Facebook 

DeadSocial on Google+

Sometimes football fans can be amazing! The video below is a tribute by the German football club 'Borussia Dortmund' for the 96 Liverpool fans who were killed exactly 25 years earlier in the 'Hillsborough disaster'.

In the video the iconic Liverpool anthem 'You'll never walk alone' is sung by the football fans in the stadium exactly 25 years on from the tragedy.



DeadSocial will be running the ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week Pop-Up shop’ at the Collective Pop-Up, 69 Camden High Street, London once again this year. In 2013 the space played host to a number of events, workshops and meetups. This year organisations, charities and those working within the end of life sector are invited to propose their own events and ‘take over’ the space for periods at a time. The space will be made available for free during both the day (10am-5pm) and the evening (6pm-10.30pm).  

Video from last years Pop-Up Shop

Confirmed events & participants so far include: DeadSocial's 1st Birthday Party, The ‘You Only Die Once’ art exhibition, Death Café with Jon Underwood, Leverton & Sons, The Natural Death Centre and The Good Funeral Guide. The Pop-Up shop will take place the week leading up to Dying Matters Awareness week 2014. An interactive end of life installation will be announced here ( in the coming days.

Dying Matters Pop-Up Shop 2013

Organisations, Charities, Healthcare departments etc interested in hosting an event and those interested in running workshops and seminars should email proposals by Wednesday 23rd April to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any artists interested in exhibiting in the ‘You Only Die Once’ Art exhibition should also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where the Collective Pop-Up Shop is located:

We are really looking forward to this years Dying Matters Awareness Week and hope that you can join us for one or more event. More information and the full schedule of events and speakers will be announced in the coming days. 

Death Cafe during Dying Matters Awareness Week

About Dying Matters Awareness Week

We only get one chance to have our dying wishes met, that’s why the theme of the fifth annual Dying Matters Awareness Week is ‘Dying Matters: You only die once’. Dying Matters have a range of resources to help you get involved, including leaflets, posters, banners, advice on organising your own events and resources to help you engage with local media. More information about Dying Matters Awareness Week and the good work they carryout can be found at


AVG have created a new resource called 'Dealing with Digital Death'.  This highlights ways in which you can get your digital affairs in order now to help make life as easier for your loved ones when you pass away.


Yesterday Russell Brand’s take on the UK News (The Trews, Episode 30) examined how the media dealt with the sudden death of Peaches Geldof. Russell states that a negative undercurrent was portrayed within the media towards Peaches death and the circumstances surrounding it. He goes on to state that this “unsavory” tone goes against the social values we adhere to.



“We need to ensure that characteristics that have proven to be successful in print media: salaciousness, intrusion, condemnation, seductiveness, simplification that kind of ideology can’t prevail because it’s inhuman. It's an inhuman ideology”. – Russell Brand, 8th April 2014



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